PRP Therapy For Treating Disc Prolapse

PRP Therapy For Treating Disc Prolapse

“Prolapse” is defined as “a displacement of a part or organ of the body from its normal position”.
Disc Prolapse occurs in the spinal cord. The lower back is the most common affected area.
Here, the rubbery cushions or disks that sit between the vertebrae rupture or tear causing the insides to be pushed out.
The most common cause is age. As a person ages the disks become less flexible leading to wear and tear, a process called “disk degeneration.” Lifting heavy objects improperly; or a blow to the back caused by a fall, can all lead to this condition.
Other risk factors include excessive body weight; genetic issues; lack of regular exercise and as an occupational hazard in jobs involving repeated lifting, pulling and pushing heavy objects.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy:

PRP is part of human blood consisting of proteins that help cellular growth and formation of blood clots aiding the healing process. Plasma is mostly water acting as a channel for red and white cells; while Platelets are the actual blood cells.
PRP treatment is a healing process, an alternative to invasive surgery, involving reintroducing a person’s own blood back into the injured part to boost the healing process.
A small amount of the person’s blood is taken, the platelets concentrated, and then injected. The aim is to increase the growth factors like bio proteins or hormones, stimulating and speeding up the healing.
This is because of the stimulation of the different cells involved in regeneration, due to the release of growth factors and proteins by the platelets. These contain anti-bacterial proteins capable of migrating to the injured sites and start the healing. This restores the integrity of the damaged disk. Platelets also release proteins that control aspects of tissue healing and control the body’s inflammatory response, and can pull together the edges of damaged discs leading to their healing.
This method, being non-invasive, quick, with limited side effects, low possibility of rejection by the body, and causing little to no pain, is becoming a popular treatment for disc prolapse.

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