Post Covid 19 related Hair loss and its management

Best PRP for Hairloss conditions Cochin

Hair fall can be caused by many factors like poor and insufficient diet, poor hair care and of course stress. But, post Covid 19 hair loss can be very different and last for months. This is due to a condition called Telogen Effluvium (TE). It is very sudden with the hair coming off in big lumps often when combing or bathing. This is when a stressful event causes a large number of hair in the growing phase to go into the resting or “Telogen” phase. For a period of two to three months, the hair goes into a ‘Rest’ phase, before being shed to allow for new hair to grow.

The hair is being shed, it is not falling. These two are different. Two of the known triggers are fever and stress, and Covid 19 patients very often experience both. Hence the hair loss problem.

What can be done in such a case?

  • * Get a complete health checkup. Hair loss can be caused by many reasons, and a complete health checkup is recommended to rule out issues like poor diet, hormonal dysfunction, and other existing health conditions.
  • *Individual specific health supplements may be necessary. After the health check, your doctor may suggest supplements for your body type and current health condition.
  • * De-stress and De-tox. Change your lifestyle habits. Eat lots of protein rich food, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, engage in meditation. Also avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  • * Medical treatment. This is the worst case scenario where the condition continues over six months. Now, one may have to seek help from a dermatologist or hair specialist.

Most TE cases will clear before six months, with a healthy diet and active lifestyle speeding up the process of hair growth.

Even if the condition persists, it is not something to be worried about. We, Regenecare, a regenerative hair care specialist based in Kochi, offer excellent services in this regard. Our Derma P therapy is specifically aimed at treating chronic hair loss. With its unique non-invasive method and fast results with great recovery, it gives results that are much more pronounced than other methods.

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