Joint pain and Covid 19: what you should know

Covid 19 has a wide variety of symptoms and pain in the joints is one of them. Though, that does not necessarily mean that one has the Covid 19 infection, recent research has found that nearly 15 percent of Covid patients experience pain in the joints. Whether or not one is a Covid 19 patient, if you are experiencing pain in the knees, hips and other joints, the following are most commonly suggested to protect the joints and control the pain.

  • * Consult a doctor. This is obvious, but many do not do so. Call up the doctor and talk to him/her. Always consider a professional opinion.
  • * Manage the inflammation and pain. The pain is caused by the inflammation, which attacks the muscle tissue causing retention of fluids in the joints, swelling and muscle damage. Doctors have a four step process to control inflammation called R.I.C.E. This stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.
    Rest, means exactly that. No activity at all. Do not stress the joints.
    Ice, to wrap around the affected area, to effectively reduce the pain and swelling. Do not apply the ice directly. Either use an ice bag or wrap it in a thick towel..
    Compression means wrapping the affected areas to reduce the swelling, but make sure that it is not too tight, as this will restrict the flow of blood.
    Elevation to raise the affected body part above the level of heart, reducing pain, throbbing and swelling.
  • * Engage in mild exercise. But avoid extreme activities like jogging. Consult with a doctor on what exercises to engage in or whether you should be exercising at all.
  • * Use anti-inflammatory medication, again only after consultation. This will vary from person to person; depending on whether you have any preexisting conditions and are under medication, etc.
  • * Last but not the least, control your diet. Especially your calorie intake. Any change in the body mass can cause significant changes in joint pain.

The most important thing to remember here is to NOT SELF MEDICATE and always consult a specialist, like Regencare.
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